Cannabis Business Social Networks | Here’s What You Need

Cannabis Business Social Networks: Cannabis commonly known as marijuana is extracted from the fruit and flower of the cannabis Indica, cannabis Sativa, and cannabis ruderis plant for recreational and medical reasons. This psychoactive drug mainly contains tetrahydrocannabinol among at least 483 other compounds too that are known to present in it.

Abuse of Cannabis

Although it was originally made to be used as a drug to assist the medical workers, it is highly abused. In recent times the abused type of cannabis, called marijuana is widely known among the drug-addicts. THC (a compound found in cannabis), when exceeds the psychotropic threshold produces stronger than normal psychotropic effects. This can lead to a higher heart rate which thus, increases the blood pressure. Moreover, a person can also experience panic attacks, anxiety, and euphoria. Based on all these, The Federal Government of the United States has legally banned any research on medical cannabis.

Growing Business

Although there are bans on cannabis in most regions of the world, it is still widely bought, sold, and consumed across the globe. The scope of the business is booming and there is room for huge profits in the cannabis industry.

Social Media Sites of the Cannabis Industry

The social media sites don’t allow the cannabis industry to brand and advertise itself properly. Several restrictions hinder their advertising campaign so many of the Cannabis businesses have established cannabis-friendly, smaller networks to keep their sales running. As cannabis has a sort of complicated structure in law, so Social media sites, you reduce the probability of any legal action against them, have also disallowed the show of cannabis ads at their platform.

Cannabis Business Social Networks

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram all have legally banned the ads that make a person consume Cannabis. Hence, to address this issue the ads are custom designed in a style that agrees with the terms and conditions of the social media site. This is expertly done by not using any of the words like buy, sale, and discount as said by Natalie Cupps DiBlas, the executive director and co-founder of Laced Agency, which is an advertising firm based in Redondo Beach, California. She strictly prohibits the use of images of plants and marijuana itself in the ads and rejects the idea to the fullest. These will simply ban the ad from a particular social media site.

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1. Cannabis Social Networks:

Although the Cannabis Industry continues to grow, Cannabis dealers are of the view that the growth is not that fast. Hence they have established various Cannabis platforms where they can do their business. According to Marijuanaseo, the Number 1 Cannabis Marketing Agency, more than 420 networks are currently active and are working tirelessly to reach out to more and more people. Following is a little detail in the most renowned Cannabis Social Networks:

2. LeafWire:

Leafwire is a platform for people interested in Cannabis to buy and sell it. Leafwire, like Reddit, is a very unique Cannabis Social Network designed so that cannabis professionals can easily interact with potential partners and investors. According to a recent report, more than 25000 marijuana professionals have their accounts in Leafwire. Through this network, enthusiasts can quite easily interact with potential partners and get to know the latest news regarding the cannabis industry.

3. Grow Diaries:

Another famous network is Growth Diaries. It is a widely used network and allows the comparison of yields between the users too. Professionals and experts also advise the general public on various matters and it is said that they typically reply within hours. It is quite easy to use and for novel users, it is arguably the best Cannabis Social Network.

4. Cannabis Pros

Cannabis Pros is an emerging platform, gradually making its way in the list of the elite Cannabis Social Networks. Cannabis Pros allows emerging businesses in the Cannabis sector with creative ideas. Further, it has a feature in the connection with fans and potential partners are also possible.

5. Weldable

Another popular network that allows the brands to advertise themselves and users to directly buy online is from Weldable. This is a Cannabis Social Network that has a very active online community where users, investors, and potential partners interact with one another on the same platform. Furthermore, a great plus point that makes it stand out among the other networks is that users can easily shop without having to leave the comfort of the website. The ease of access of the user is their priority and Weedable is still working to improve their network. To take it to a whole new level, they also working upon making a new mobile app. If released, this app may do wonders for Weldable in the Cannabis business.

6. Duby

Duby is a Cannabis Social Network that one can access through the comfort of his/her mobile.

Duby is a mobile app which is a merged version of Tinder, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of the Cannabis users use this platform to market their product to a vast majority of Cannabis users. Through this app, users can follow certain hashtags, and other users or sellers to keep in touch with the market. There is a stories section too similar to the one on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Through this users can themselves share more news regarding the Cannabis sector. This Cannabis Social Network allows Cannabis industries to very efficiently carry out the advertisement process. However, critics claim that there are many bugs and glitches in the app. The app is constantly evolving to address all these issues.

7. Reddit

Being one of the largest social networks, Reddit features various subreddits. One of the most active subReddit is “Trees”. As Reddit does not ban advertising or anything else related to Cannabis so it is one of the best platforms for its branding. One can find serious content and jokes related to Cannabis all in one platform.

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