Cardi B Net Worth & Achievements

The real name of Cardi b is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar; she is a very famous television personality, American rapper, actress, and an elite songwriter. She was in the list of 100 most influential people, according to the Times in 2018. Currently, she has 69.6 million followers on Instagram. She started her career in 2015, and now, according to celebrity net worth, her net worth is about 24 million dollars.

A brief History

As a teenager, she was employed in a supermarket in Tribeca, but due to poverty and domestic violence, she joined stripping at the age of 19. She told her mother that she was making money babysitting while she was stripping. She thinks that stripping was positive for her as it allowed her to go back to school.


She gained popularity when some of her videos went viral on social media in 2013, and from there started her road to success, that doesn’t seem to end! She appeared in some of the most blockbuster movies like Fast & Furious 9 and Hustlers. She made her debut with Invasion of Privacy in 2018, which broke various records of streaming and was ranked by Billboard as the “top female rap album of the 2010s”. She won the Grammy Award of best rap album through her “Invasion of Privacy” Album. Thus, she has the achievement of being the only solo artist ever to have won this award. Further, it was also the nominated in “Album of the Year”, again making her the first female rap artist to be nominated for this in 15 years.

Some of her other popular achievements are:

  • Four American Music Awards
  • Four MTV Video Music Awards
  • Five total Guinness world records.
  • Seven billboard Music Awards
  • Five Guinness World Records
  • Eleven BET Hip Hop Awards

Having mentioned these achievements, these are not all! There are tens of others but I think you have got the idea. She is extremely successful!

Cardi b’s Net Worth

While playing Coachella, Cardi B is known to be making $70,000 per day in 2019. Her net worth has increased exponentially after that, and now she has a Net worth of a whopping $24 million in 2020. (Source: Forbes, Wealthy Gorilla, and Celebrity Net worth).

Interestingly, her partner, Offset also has a net worth of about $26 million, so together they make it to a total of 50 million dollars. They, i.e. Card b and Offset, bought a mansion most recently listed to be of a remarkable 5.795 million dollars too. Cardi b is endorsed from Fashion Nova, which means that she earns about $20,000 each month through only this. She has also been featured in famous commercials like Amazon’s Alexa and Pepsi. These commercials pay a great deal of money to her for her services.

Net worth Timeline

In January 2016, when she was first added to Celebrity Net worth, her net worth was just 0.4 million dollars. In Feb 2017, her net worth increased to $1.5 million; and in September it was again updated to $4 million. 11 months later, in August of the year 2018, the net worth was increased to 8 million dollars. Yes! 4 million dollars in just 11 months. However, it doesn’t end here; next year, in May 2019, the price was again increased $4 million making the sum to about $12 million. Now. In 2020, her net worth is known to be $24 million.

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Card b v/s Nicki Minaj (who has a higher net worth):

Up till now, Nicki Minaj has an extremely high net worth in comparison to Nicki Minaj. With a whopping $100 million of net worth, she is more than four times ahead of Card b. Nicki Minaj is the richest female rapper in the world. In the latest Forbes list of highest-paid hip-hop stars, Nicki Minaj was ranked 12 and Card B was ranked 13; they had a difference of just $1 million according to that list!

Experts opine that this wealth of these female rappers will continue to increase. As technology is getting increasingly popular day by day, people now use more smartphones and other such devices. This in turn allows them to view these artists more and thus, unknowingly, contribute to increasing their net worth.

Let us compare that who is better, Nicki Minaj or Card b? According to most people, currently, Cardi b is better as her rap is relatively slow and easy to sing along. Nicki Minaj likes to showcase her expertise by rapping faster and with sheer fluency. Although she is the best female rapper of all time, currently people listen to Card b more.

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