Drake Bell Net worth Is $1 Million in 2020 (Updated News)

Drake Bell is an actor, singer, songwriter, and musician. He was born in Newport Beach, which is located in California. Drake Bell started his career by being an actor. He was acting in the early 1990s. Drake Bell was only five years of age at that time. His total net worth is about $400,000. 

He made his first television appearance in the show known as Home Improvement. He was also coming in several commercials like Pokemon Red and Blue. But he is best known for his role in The Amanda Show and various other shows like Drake & Josh. He also played a role in the trilogy movies on Nickelodeon. 

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The Fairly OddParents was his biggest break yet, and he was also doing the voice-over in Ultimate Spiderman for Peter Parker. He is an actor as well as a singer. After starting his acting career in the early stage of his life, he started making music in the early 2000s. He was in a band which performed on The Amanda Show. The name of the band was Drake 24/7. former nickelodeon drake josh star drake bell talks how he found his lost album exclusive interview 


His movie Jake & Josh’s theme song was also co-written and sung by Drake Bell. The name of the theme song was Found a Way. It was a good and popular song. He then went on to release his first debut album in the form of the Telegraph. Drake Bell then released his second album It was Only Time in 2006, and it was the biggest hit for him.  

Drake Bell sang with Universal Motion Records, and his album was at #81 on Billboard’s top 200. His album sold more than 23,000 copies just in the first week of its release. His biggest success was It’s Only Time which up to 2012, has sold more than 178,000 copies worldwide.  

After doing these albums, he did a video album by the name Drake Bell in Concert, which released in 2008. On Mexican Album Charts, his concert came on in it #81. He independently released an EP known as A Reminder in 2011. He also released his third album Ready Steady GO! Under the labeling of Surfdog Records and it sold 2,000 copies after coming out.  


Drake Bell is a supporter of the Thirst Project. It is an organization that is raising awareness of the clean water crisis through education. He has been supporting them by 2009. Drake Bell has asked the public to give as much as they want to this non-profit organization. He has also done concerts for fundraising. 

After his so many efforts in this project, the head of the organization, Seth Maxwell, asked Drake Bell to be the face of the campaign. Drake Bell has a very good heart and has made contributions to other campaigns like Toys for Tots. In 2015, he did a concert in Strawberry Bowl because he wanted to get charity for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. 

Personal Life: 

In December of 2015, a tragic incident occurred with Drake Bell. As he and his friend were driving to Los Angeles, they had stopped on a red light, and they were struck by a vehicle head-on. The accident has occurred because the driver of the vehicle had fallen asleep.  

In December of 2015, a tragic incident occurred with Drake Bell.

Drake Bell’s friend only got minor scratches, but he himself was in a severe condition. His neck got fractured, and he had a broken jaw from the accident. He bought a house in Los Feliz for about $2,050,000. Drake Bell became bankrupt in 2014, and his house was taken from him. Reports were that Bell was under a debt of $581,000. Here you can go to read about Dave Chappelle

Legal Issues: 

Drake was arrested in 2015 because he was over speeding, and the police officers caught him. He had to pay $20,000 to get out.

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