How To Start A Dog Walking Business Step by step

How To Start A Dog Walking Business: Usually, everyone in the society enjoys jogging in the morning and evening with their pet dog running along with them. It is a psychological phenomenon that most people who feel lonely tend to have more pets in their homes. Pets not only give you a feeling of the family but also are your good friends. Among many cherished pets, the dog is the most common and favorite of all. From home security to playground, from races to sniffing activities they are well regarded. But here we will focus on the traditional use of dogs. That is just walking the dog down as a recreational activity. 

The following steps can be handy in starting a dog walking business.

Tips For becoming a successful dog walker?

What are you thinking? Obviously not. You just need some basic skills that will make you a successful dog walker. 

First of all, you have to understand the behaviors of different dogs. As human beings have different emotional understandings, dogs have the same ones. So, you need to understand each dog’s behavior and adopt such ways that can win their hearts, and they get used to you in a couple of hours.

The second thing is also related to the first one and that is your interpersonal and communication skills. You will have to communicate with dog owners and in order to grow your business and develop PR; you need to have great communication skills. 

Third thing is that you should be a physically fit person. You never know how much you have to run. Usually, the dogs have a lot more stamina as compared to men but that’s another story. You just need to be at least physically fit to such an extent that you can easily perform your required duties. 

The fourth thing is regarding weather conditions. Often, when you are training or walking a dog, the weather is not sunny or moderate as per your desires. So, get yourself, mentally prepared for the muddy and rainy seasons. 

Finally, how do I start this business now?

Now, you can start your dog walking business easily using the following techniques. 

Let’s see them. 

1. Consider training and qualifications

It is not mandatory for you to have any kind of training or particular qualification to become a dog walker but of course, if you have them, they can be very much helpful in building your professional client base as it will add into your professional profile.

2. Understand the dog walking rules and regulations

Obviously, you are a hired professional. You have the responsibility of not only the dog’s health but life also. You have to make sure that you are well versed in all the standard rules and regulations, norms and values of successfully walking a dog. All of these responsibilities can be in the face of many duties. For example, you can make sure to walk a minimum no of dogs and also have their collars tied with their owner’s name so that they can be identified. Another thing that you can do is to make a proper record of your dog walks so that you can trace any mishap, unfortunately. 

3. Think about business insurance

If you want to sleep peacefully, then get insured. Take an example if someone got injured due to your dog walking service and wants to charge you a penalty, then you can revert that if you have your insurance package.

4. Work out how much you’re going to charge

Now it’s time for the real task. How much you will charge at last for this business? 

This answer is not straight forward as it seems as your location decides the fate of your rates. However, As a dog walker, you can expect from $6 to $10 per dog for each half an hour. Nonetheless, you can earn a significant amount of money if you walk more than one or two dogs. However, it all depends upon you. 

5. Keep on top of the day-to-day running of your business

It is also very important that you should have a fair idea about your neighboring businesses and you should work according to the competition developed around you. 

How to market a dog Walking business?

There are many ways to effectively market your dog walking business out of them, few listed are below:

There are many ways to effectively market your dog walking business out of them, few listed are below:

  • Flyering

This is the best option for at least the local areas. You can print flyers and place them in shops and stores. People can see them and get to know about your services. 

  • Social media

Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter can be very helpful to attract a wide range of audiences.  

  • Ask for referrals

You can also ask every customer to propagate your services in their families and social circles. How to start mastering real estate business


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