How To Write A Business Letter?

How To Write A Business Letter: Writing a business letter is not a difficult task if you are aware of the standards of writing business letters. A letter is a wonderful way of communication. Although nowadays, internet technologies have emerged and Electronic Mail and Fax have replaced old letter writing to a reasonable extent but the very significance of letter writing has yet not perished. Hence, one should have sufficient knowledge of writing letters. For this specific point, we will focus on business letter writing.

The following are the step by step guidelines for writing a business letter. So, let’s begin.


Absolutely formal (for formal business letters)

To Whom It May Concern: This is used in a specific condition when you do not exactly know who you are addressing or referring to? For instance, if you are writing to any institution and don’t know the name of Head or Manager, then you will write this. It will formally automatically refer to the relevant authorities that will consider the letter. How To Start A Consulting Business & Get Success

Dear Sir/Madam, It is used when you are communicating with a person not having a particular named contact

Dear Mr. Morris, It is used for the male gender and having named contact

Dear Mrs. Morris, You can use it if you have a named contact with the female gender

Dear Dr. Smith, Use it when you are writing to a named doctor who is male

Dear Prof Jennifer, You can use it if you are about to write to a named professor

Dear Jack Ma, Yes. You can type the full name if you are not much sure about the recipient’s gender.

Little Formal but still Official  (Business Letters)

Dear colleagues, Use while referring to a group

Dear Christine, Use it when you are writing to a female

De-ar Peter, It is used for the male gender

Personal Letters or Informal Letters

Now as contrary to the formal type of greetings, these below-given salutations are used for communicating with those people who are very familiar with you or you have a great sense of understanding with them. Otherwise, other people can get offended by these salutations.

Hello, or Hey guys, You have a variety of options here where you can choose from. Use these salutations for your close friends, colleagues, batch mates, those family members and relatives with whom you have a great understanding 

Hi, It is also used for the people that are very close to you and whom you know very well.

How to start the Letter?

there are two ways of starting the letter. The first one is referring back to the previous events such as meeting, telephonic conversation, E-mail correspondence, etc.

Generally, there are two ways of starting the letter. The first one is referring back to the previous events such as meeting, telephonic conversation, E-mail correspondence, etc. and the second way is to greet the recipient as a fresh person whom you are writing for the first time in life. It is very easy to encapsulate this whole point that the people we know earlier are communicated in a different style as compared to the people whom we are speaking for the first time. The following details will further elaborate on the idea.

  • Referring to the previous contacts

I am waiting/ we are waiting regarding your opinion or reply/ our Telephonic conversation


In reply to your order or request/ Thanking for contacting us for details.. etc.

  • Connecting with the recipient for the first time

I want to know about you/ I am writing you for the first time/ I recently heard about you, etc OR .. I am / We are writing to inform you / let you know, etc


I shall be grateful to you if you could …
Could you please forward me…
It would be a very great help if you could send us it…


We are pleased to tell you that …
I am happy to inform you that …


We are highly regretful to inform you that …
Unfortunately, we remained unable to…


Now it is time to end your letter here. Use the following recommended techniques to end your letter more accurately and professionally. 

Enclosure Notation

Write ‘Please find Enclose’ (for the letters)

Write ‘Please find attached’ (for the electronic mails)

Providing future assistance

In case you require more information, please do let us know.
Please never hesitate to contact us if you are in need of any further assistance

Referring to future contact

I am looking forward again to hear from you soon.
We are looking forward to meeting you on 23 April in Florida.
We shall appreciate your reply at the earliest…


You can choose from the following available 3 options and tables (your salutations) to end the letter. 

  • Being Formal
Yours  sincerely and
Apply it when you have started a letter with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern’ salutations. 
Obediently, Always use when you have started the letter with Dear + any name.
  • A little formal but still official
Best/Kind regards,
Warm regards,
High Regards,
Not very official but it’s businesslike
Good wishes,Less formal but not full informal
  • Informal
Wishes/Hugs, Love,
Can be used for friends and people you have close relationships with

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