24 Ideas For Strategic Business Management

We know that reading and studying topics related to the management of projects, time, and people are strategic business management

They are texts that approach methodologies, bring tips, and present solutions. Our goal is to always deepen the themes in our day today, and that probably also generate doubts about how you manage your business. Check out our list of the best – divided into three categories – with text suggestions, so you don’t fall behind:

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1. Learning is an ongoing process: get to know the best powder management courses in the country.

We have selected the famous MBA courses, or Master of Business Administration, for those who want to specialize in management. For better education, many people think it is necessary to seek a course abroad, but all options are from universities in Brazil.

2. Quality management: tools for your company to achieve excellence in processes

The subject consists of a series of methodologies that have already been covered in the blog, such as the PDCA cycle, Six Sigma, KPI Dashboard, etc. In this post, we take a closer look at how each contributes to continuously improving the quality of a company’s processes.

What is PMI? Discover the legacy of this institute and a new way of managing projects

The PMI (Project Management Institute) defines some Global Standards in the area,

establishing a common language for project management worldwide. Understand how this institution works and how solutions specially developed to optimize and improve your project management can be useful.

Agile marketing? Get inspired by IT teams and adopt a methodology for better results.

Flexible work systems are used in software development because they facilitate the stages and deliveries of complex products. In Marketing, it should be no different. An area that is in constant motion needs to have more flexible and organized management systems.

Can practice make management perfect? The PDCA cycle shows that yes.

The PDCA cycle means, in English, PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT, or PLAN – DO – CHECK – ADJUST, which means “Plan – Do – Check – Act,” or “Plan – Do – Check – Adjust.” It is, as we have already said, a methodology. An interactive business strategic management technique that consists precisely of these four steps, and which aims to continuously improve processes and products.

SWOT matrix, or FOFA, for intimates: the best way to evaluate scenarios and make critical decisions

The SWOT matrix is ​​used as a basis for management and well-planned strategic planning. However, it can be applied to just about any situation – from choosing a place to dine to deciding whether or not to quit a job.

Decision making: tips for getting it right at the most essential moment of management

For many managers, decision making is a time of trouble. It involves stepping out of the comfort zone, taking responsibility, and, more importantly, accepting the consequences. What can companies, employees, and managers themselves do to make the decision-making process easier?

How effective process management will differentiate your company

Good process management must always review, improve, and standardize operations; it must guarantee the effective participation of those involved (regardless of hierarchical level) and promote a commitment to quality.

Know the ingredients of good project planning

Do you know that magic moment before starting a recipe? All the ingredients on the countertop, separated and sliced, just waiting to be turned into an irresistible dish? This is a sign that there was project planning.


Must-see events for your professional development in 2017

This list presents events that will be held this year and deal with entrepreneurship, strategic business management, leadership, and motivation. We will update the post constantly with information about dates, guests, and new events.

How to work as a team: using the tension created between employees to increase productivity.

A leader must put aside the idea that all conflict is destructive and embrace the view that productive conflict creates value. Just think beyond the banal clichés, and you will see that collaborating is unnecessary if you agree on everything. If you avoid disagreeing, don’t expose the wrong assumptions.

Conciseness, cohesion, and focus: tips for writing the best professional email

Many people do not take due care in exchanging professional emails. In addition to a working tool, professional email is the calling card of many people. And you know, the first impression is what remains. So, to use this tool in the best possible way, we have selected some unmissable tips.

How the mental model of leaders impacts company performance

The mental model can be described as a broad view of the world, acquired through past experiences. They are assumptions, generalizations, or even ingrained Pictures that influence how we look the world and act.

Decisive, adaptable and reliable: find out what a CEO must be to indeed lead

The top job of a company is very difficult to fill; it is not for nothing that, according to HBR, from 2000 to 2013, a quarter of US CEOs were dismissed for several reasons.

Market trends: what your company needs to know now about the future of work

We are eager to know what awaits us for the foreseeable future – and the transformations are happening right now. Since the most daring predictions tend not to materialize, we propose to raise some more realistic market trends, showing studies and expert opinions.

Training and development: tips to better qualify your team

A well-trained employee will have increased productivity and become a knowledge multiplier for new generations of employees. Also, breaking the routine improves moods, and the company’s investment in training provides a sense of recognition and motivation.

Home office, flexible hours and benefits policy: how some companies have improved the quality of life at work

Gone are when work and quality of life did not mix, when one necessarily excluded the other. Nowadays, the search for the balance between personal and professional life has entered the list of companies around the world once and for all. The success of an organization has come to be linked to the happiness of the people who compose it.


Prioritizing is necessary: ​​tips for organizing management and dedicating yourself to what really matters.

Part of an efficient prioritization is to understand the difference between essential and urgent. Important is what will make a difference in the company’s management. These are the goals to be achieved, long-term planning, and everything that will make the organization grow and prosper. Urgent is that which, if not addressed soon, will lose its meaning or worsen rapidly.

Wake up early – at 4 am! – it will make you produce more. See other tips

Successful leaders and entrepreneurs have already declared that they are more productive, while most of us are still in a deep sleep. To support this philosophy of life that may seem crazy, the Wall Street Journal published a report explaining why 4:00 am can be the most productive time of the day.

Do you require to boost your productivity? Then make a checklist. And the first item should be reading this article.

A checklist avoids future forgetfulness, failures, absences, and so on. It can have many uses and has a different function. However, some tips have proven to be very useful when setting up a checklist.

Focus on work and more time for your life

When we thought that technology would come to make our lives easier, it is only getting worse and making human beings even more distressed. After all, with the advent of instant communication, we are exposed to messages 24h, but we are also forced to respond to them. And when we do everything at once, we don’t do anything right.

How to be more productive? Tips and examples from famous managers for you to deliver more

Some practical tips for your daily life that can make all the difference. They are guidelines in several fields, from the mind to eating habits, through the list and clothing. Yes, defining the clothes you will wear in advance is also a great tip for being more productive.

10 commandments for you to understand what SaaS is – and to stand out in the segment

SaaS companies are those that produce and market solutions, with all the necessary structures to provide the service, from the engineering team to the sales team – and all areas also use SaaS to perform their jobs and reduce the price of the final product to your team to be more productive.

Daily planning: tips to make your commute to work more useful

The way is to transform the travel time from “lost” to “gain.” That is, changing some attitudes so that the half, one or two hours it takes you to get to work becomes more productive.

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