Tom MacDonald Age, Life & net worth in 2020

Tom MacDonald, born in Canada, is a music producer as well as a rapper. He was born on the 21st of September in the year 1988. His birth country is also Canada. His first album by the name of LeeAnn’s Son was released in the year 2014. He is quite rich, and his net worth is estimated to be at $700 thousand. After this he released several albums: 

  • See You Tomorrow 
  • Dream People & The Whiskey Wars 
  • Deathreats 

Above are some of his albums that were released yearly. From releasing albums, he also moved into YouTube. YouTube is one of the best platforms to show off your skills. Especially rappers can show their ability and can gain immense popularity in the world. Tom released his first video in the year 2014. The name of his first video was Tom MacDonald – Wannabe.  

The name of his father is unknown at this point. But the name of his mother is known to be as LeeAnn MacDonald. In the year 2017, he started dating the hip hop singer Nova Rockafeller. Alongside YouTube, he is also present on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Some of the known facts about Tom MacDonald are: 

  • He was born and raised in Canada 
  • His mother’s name is Lee-Ann MacDonald 
  • His rapping career started in the year 2009 
  • Made his debut in 2014 with the album LeeAnn’s Son 
  • He used his rapping in questioning the status of their medium 
  • His YouTube channel is still active with more than 500,000 subscribers 


Two of his best-known songs are Whiteboy and Straight White Male, which came under the eyes of different people, and thus, tons of negative reviews came to his doorstep. The songs were very corny, and people didn’t appreciate that, but it made him famous because now people were talking about him. 

Bad Songs:

He had a grating voice and his hooks, which are known to be one of the worst hooks in music history. His lyrics offended every person because they were mean, racist, and sexist. People didn’t appreciate his way of rapping. Moreover, his videos were also very corny, and people just bashed him in the comment section. 

His song Whiteboy is considered as one of the worst songs, and critics also bashed his song, and many called it the worst song of the whole year. His single, as well as album covers, are just bad when you take a look at them. He can’t handle criticism. If you are an artist, you should be able to handle constructive criticism because it will only improve your skills. 

Tom MacDonald, on the other hand, didn’t take well to criticism and outright blocked people who gave him some criticism or made jokes about his rapping skills. His rapping is also very repetitive and boring, and most of his songs sound almost the same.

The only fans that he has been very hostile towards other people who give criticism to the rapper. They are loyal to him and don’t give a damn about whether the song is good or not. If Tom is singing it, then it is enough for them to like it. 

Tom MacDonald Net Worth: 

The only fans that he has been very hostile towards other people who give criticism to the rapper.

As most of the rappers in the world are quite rich, so is the case with Tom MacDonald. Even though he continuously receives criticism of his bad songs, they still made him a lot of money. His net worth is assumed to be around $700 thousand. This is quite a large amount if you consider all the negative reviews of his songs on the internet. 

His songs may be bad, corny, and offensive to most people, but they sure as hell made him a lot of money. 

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