Unfinished Gordok Business | WoW Classic | How To Do It?

Unfinished Gordok Business: What you have got to do is to descry the Gauntlet of Gordok Might as soon as possible and return it to Captain Kromcrush. It has been stolen from Captain Kromcrush by the horrifying elf who fancied being called a prince. You have to discover it and reinstate it safely to Captain Kromcrush’s custody. The ancient tales say that the horrifying elf is still out there somewhere and only the real king can find it. If you can discover it, you will be rewarded with the gift to wear the Mighty Gauntlet till eternity!

How to Complete the Mission

To initiate the quest, it is compulsory for you to be a king or you will have to wear an orange suit.  Only after performing the Dire Maul tribute run will you be able to talk to Captain Kromcrush. Firstly, you have to do the tribute run in North Dire Maul. You will be able to get the quest from the captain when you are the king. Secondly, you have to do the west Dire Maul. You can’t just sneak in the library and get the Gauntlets as the chest will not be available for you to open.  You have to at least kill Immol’Thar first for the chest to be able to be unlocked. Clear it all and kill the prince in the end. Find a chest from where the prince originally stands which contains gloves and a couple of other items too. It will be a little box in the corner, kill the prince, and loot the gauntlets. Now you have to return to the North Dire Maul and do the tributes run once again. To talk to him you must wear an orange suit or be the king again.

And that’s all guys you have completed the quest of “Unfinished Gordok Business”.
Congratulations! Upon completion you will be named the true king and the gauntlet that has the Ancient magic mark on it too will be given to you to rule till eternity.


This is one of the most interesting, titillating, and heart-wrenching computer games you can play. This constantly evolving game precisely meets the interests of a gamer. Thus in the World of Warcraft Classic, it has recently released a quest called “Unfinished Gordok Business” which will give goosebumps to any player. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in which a huge number of video game players keep in touch with each other. Each player is assigned a role in the game and he/she has to perform all the tasks of this thrilling game according to the personality of their character. Blizzard Entertainment, once again setting the standard of the video games quite high, released a brand new version called “The Unfinished Gordok Business “on 26th of August, 2019 that runs side by side the game’s original main version.

In the World of Warcraft Classic, the most exhilarating mission is the “The Unfinished Gordok Business”. It is professionally made to titillate the gamer and is indeed the most confusing quest of all in the game you all love the most. Following is a detailed description of the quest, and an effort to describe what you will be able to witness in this quest in actuality. Let it be known here that my words can only partially highlight the details of the quest; to experience all the thrill you will have to personally download and play the game yourself!

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60th has been set as the highest level of the gamer’s characters. In WoW Classic the extension is not possible and most of the gameplay mechanics have been copied from the original one. It allows the players to once again relive the originality of the game and once again experience the exhilarating true nature of the game. Quests like the “Unfinished Gordok Business” are living evidence of it.

Players are allowed an open choice among the eight initial races of WoW namely: dwarves, humans, trolls, night elves, gnomes, Tauren, orcs, and the abandoned of the horse.

The original nine classes are present that are: druid, warrior, warlock, shaman, rogue, priest, paladin, mage, hunter, and druid are also present in this game.

To correspond and reach up to the original game, Classic World-of-Warcraft will announce its content phases. This will allow the original game content initially released in steps, such as the Naxxramas raids, Blackwing Lair, Ahn’Qiraj, Alterac Valley, and the Warsong Gulch, and some quests and other items, to be available once again.

How to unlock this quest and what will I get after completing this quest?

To release this quest that is “Unfinished Gordok Business” you must be at least at Level 56. It is a dungeon type quest and if you manage to complete this electrifying event you would gain 8300 experience. Additionally, you will be rewarded to choose one among the “Gordok’s Handguards”, “Gordoks Gauntlets”, “Gordok’s Gloves” and “Gordok’s Handwraps. You will also receive 4 gold and 98 silver coins.

Min. System Requirements of WoW Classic

Minimum Requirements for the PC


  • A Windows Operating System 7 64-bits (along with newest Service Packs)
  • A CPU of at least Core 2 Duo
  • Random Access Memory of 2GB at min. (4 GB for much better graphics)
  • 5GB of free space available
  • A fast internet Broadband connection
  • Output devices like mouse and keyboard are also needed. The game does not allow any other type of input device.
  • The least display resolution of (1024 x 768)


Minimum Requirements for Mac

  • An Operating System of MacOS 10.12 (newest version)
  • A CPU of i5, at least 2.0 GHz
  • Random Access Memory of 2GigaByte (4GB for much better graphics)
  • A fast internet Broadband connection
  • Output devices like mouse and keyboard are also needed. The game does not allow any other type of input device.
  • The least display resolution of 1024 x 768.

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WoW Classic Banning

To prevent the use of unlawful means Blizzard is imposing bans on anyone trying to use unfair means. So it is very highly recommended to NOT indulge in any such activity. Maintain the true decorum of the game otherwise a ban of even a month or more may be imposed on you. All your exploits will be snatched from you too.

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