What business to start from home: Ideas that will help you achieve it

Nowadays, setting up your own business from home is much easier to achieve thanks to new technologies. More and more entrepreneurs are encouraged to create their own company, and that is that doing it is easier than we think, and is already available to everyone. But how do you start doing business from home? We give you some ideas that will help you create your own company, and even have fun with it.

Before starting a business from home

Working from home on an entrepreneurship project carries a huge responsibility. It may not be a job under the rules we are used to. But we must ask ourselves several questions: is it feasible that your company and your home are located in the same space? What costs will it take to adapt your family environment to work? Do I have the ability to do any work from home? Do I know someone I can help?

You must answer all these questions and know if your project’s viability is possible before taking the step and investing.

What other aspects should you take into account to create businesses from home?

  • Write the  Business Plan  that will help you define the essential aspects of your business (financing plan, marketing, sales.)
  • Register your brand and create an identity.
  • Make sure you know all the laws to lay the foundations for your business.

Good practices to carry out

  1. Keep finances separate, on the one hand, those of your company and, on the other hand, personal.
  2. Assign yourself some work schedules and respect the routine. Part of the success of a business lies in being consistent with daily work.
  3. Build marketing campaigns from the start. You can even start launching attacks before opening your business to generate interest and attract future customers’ attention.
  4. Create your work team. The beginnings are hard, and everyone knows it. Make sure you can count on a team to advise you in your company.

Benefits when undertaking at home

Of course, one of the maxims that lead to entrepreneurship is passion. Being able to dedicate yourself to what you like and make your work of it is an aspiration for many. This has several benefits, such as working for yourself and leaving the boss figure behind.

Another benefit is the reconciliation of family and work-life in a more flexible way. Working from home, setting your schedules, and distributing the time as you want throughout the year are very attractive points. The responsibility you acquire is indeed much greater, so the effort invested will be greater and more long-term.

In many cases, companies end up growing and becoming large, leading companies in their sector. In particular, the tax advantages are usually much higher since all those taxes paid by the company and workers are reduced.

Ideas for starting a business from home

Idea no 1.- Arts & Craft (Arts and Crafts)

This phenomenon is one of the great world trends. You will think, why? Well, basically because it consists of turning your hobby, what you like, into your profession. If you think about it, nobody will sell a product better than a passionate about it. Also, currently selling your business products from home is very easy because you have great platforms like eBay or Amazon that can help you. Also, create a blog and an eCommerce with tools like WordPress. There are also many opportunities with alternative services where they create the corporate image of your company.

There are several possibilities of selling from home. For example, if you like sports, you can offer yourself as a personal trainer. On the other hand, if you know languages, you can take classes via Skype or videoconference. If you like to design, your business could be selling clothes online. Or, if your passion is art, sell your paintings or projects. If you stop to think, you will find thousands of ideas to start at home.

Idea No. 2.- Dropshipping

If you are undecided and do not know what to sell, a good option is Dropshipping. This trend consists of a retail sale where the retail seller is responsible for selling the product but without owning it, as a kind of intermediary. The retailer agrees with the wholesaler to have the product shipped to the end customer.

In this way, the retailer saves having the products in stock and needs a place to leave them. Dropshipping is simple, and you just need to create a website or virtual store where you can offer the products and take care of giving the alert to the wholesaler when a customer makes a purchase.

Idea No. 3.- Buy-sell

Another possibility to start a business from home would be buying and selling. Again, base it on what you master because it will let you know when and where to buy cheaply and how to attract the public that is willing to pay more for it. It is about doing the same thing as any buying and selling business but from home. You can buy cheap using second-hand tools like Wallapop. Then you can sell them on these or other platforms like eBay. It is only essential to have a good eye and know very well the niche to which you are going to dedicate yourself.

Idea No. 4.- Housework

Some people do not have time to cook, clean, or go shopping. Therefore, a good business could be to offer these types of services. A good idea would be to create a website where people who do not have a job or can only work a few hours can offer their services while others who lack time may have extra help.

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For example, there is a website, Delivery, dedicated to purchasing for you. Another option could be a page where people who know how to cook can do catering or prepare toppers and take them home. Thus, many people who due to lack of time cannot prepare food would have an option to eat well and varied for a reasonable price.

Idea No. 5.- Importing products

Be aware of trends, identify a market trend in another country, and anticipate it before it reaches yours. Or simply search for novelty items that they may like and sell. Both options can be a good idea to start businesses from home that are profitable and simple.

To start, you would have to look for the market niche and try to specialize, at least initially, in a sector, product, or country. Create an online store, always be up to date with trends to find the right product, buy it and sell it. You could also think about exporting products abroad, especially those exclusive and cannot be bought anywhere else.

To find what you want to buy, you can also dig into the great Chinese online market: Alibaba.

Above all, try to search for products that may be released and news from other countries that have not arrived.

Idea No. 6.- YouTuber / influencer

This professional figure is gaining more and more ground. In Spain, many people take advantage of their knowledge and skills to earn money. What does being a YouTuber consist of? In sharing self-made videos on the YouTube platform where that person is seen doing something interesting for a specific audience.

From YouTubers you can find from those who are dedicated to showing how they play a video game, those who tell jokes or more humorous, to those who make tutorials of all kinds of things, it can already be beauty, the combination of clothes, among others. Now you know, if you have a skill that stands out from the rest, upload your video to YouTube, promote yourself, and start earning money. It is about inquiring if your passion may have enough stakeholders to turn it into a business.

YouTubers are influencers, just like content creators on Instagram or TikTok. Take a look at this article where we give you the keys to answer the question that many young people ask themselves today: How to be an influencer?

Idea No 7.- Sale of designs

Do you know how to design? Well, sell your designs online and start your business from home. You have several possibilities such as t-shirt prints, backpacks, shoes with your plans, and, at the same time, set trends.

You can start promoting yourself little by little and sell your designs through other platforms. Over time, you can create an online store and offer your products from there. If they are unique and like, you will soon have a niche.

Idea No 8.- Blogger

If you know how to write and are innovative, a good way to open yourself up to the world of work is to become a blogger. You can create your blog or participate in others to gain the public.

You can get in touch with other bloggers, and in this way, collaborate. They write for you and you for them so that you can reach more audiences. Of course, if you want to stand out, you must be original, creative, and contribute new knowledge. Also, promote yourself on social networks and get to make a site on the Internet.

Idea No 9.- Design of web pages

It is a very easy option to start a business from home. Of course, for this, it is necessary to have some experience or training in the field of web design, in addition to a computer.

To start, you can create your blog or website to make yourself known. A good option is to create templates or example images for other websites and start selling your work with realistic and well-worked examples.

On the other hand, you can also offer your services to create or maintain web pages of clients like companies or entrepreneurs.

Idea No 10.- Community Manager

It is increasingly common to hire freelancers or external agencies to manage a company’s social networks.

These generally represent a large part of attracting traffic to a website and require the help of an expert to grow a business. If you like the world of social media and digital marketing, take advantage of your talent to help companies publish different content that will attract more traffic to a website.

Idea No 11.- Photographer

If you like photography and would like to dedicate yourself to it, this idea is for you. Starting a business from home doesn’t have to mean working at it. Thanks to this, you can create your website and cover the events or celebrations in which you are hired.

To get started, you can start photographing some moments with your friends or family to create and develop your portfolio. That is your online image catalog. Show off your skills and set up your home studio.

Idea No 12.- Consulting

Another way to start from home is by offering to consult. If you have experience in business and know how to focus them on launching them towards success, a good option would be to create your consultancy.

Many small and medium-sized companies need someone to advise and advise them. The meetings could be held via video call, for example. To carry out this idea, you just need experience and a desire to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

Idea No 13.- Pastry at home

In line with one of the previous home business ideas, Instagram has become a very valuable tool for the birth of pastry shops from home. So, if you like cooking but do not know where to start to dedicate yourself to it, do it by creating a business account on Instagram and posting all your creations.

Little by little and having the minimum knowledge of social media management and digital marketing, you will become known and reach your target audience in a short time. Create your pastry online!

Idea No 14.- Virtual assistant

As their name suggests, virtual assistants provide a wide variety of online services to other companies, from taking administrative issues to raising marketing strategies or technical support of an office.

For companies, it means significant cost savings, and for the self-employed, they are all advantages since they can provide services to several companies simultaneously. For example, a plumbing company finds it more profitable to have someone who can manage calls and emails from their own home instead of maintaining an office.

Idea No 15.- Bonus

The most fun is that you can not only apply one of these tips, but the idea is that you combine your passion or your hobby with several of the ideas previously exposed. Creating a blog about your hobby will be a fundamental tactic to attract an audience to which you will then sell what you do. If you are more daring, go ahead and also create a YouTube channel.

And surely in all cases, you will want to sell through your store, so you will also have to install an e-commerce application on your blog with one of these plugins for your e-commerce.

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How to distinguish a profitable business from home from one that is not

The Internet has made entrepreneurship much easier and more accessible for anyone who wants to do it, but it must be understood that every business involves risks, that good planning is essential, and that not by setting up businesses from home will automatically be profitable.

You have to ask yourself a lot of questions before starting. For example, what will be your fixed expenses? Likely, being online business does not have to pay rent for a local, but the maintenance and creation of a website also have its costs, such as the domain or hosting. Light, for example, social security, etc. To keep accounts, you can create your expense sheet.

On the other hand, how much do you need to pay your fixed expenses? How much do you have to earn to reach that number? How many products must you sell to earn that amount?

If, for example, you sell a product through Amazon for € 3, your gross profit will be approximately € 1.3 and taking into account the margin that the platform remains and having paid VAT. If your fixed expenses are € 500, you will have to sell about 385 units/month to cover the costs. The problem is not getting it done in a month, and the difficult thing is to stabilize it.

Finally, you should also calculate salary and variable expenses and analyze your potential clients. Do you already have a clientele? Are you known in the sector?

If you’re still not clear on what home businesses to start, these are just some of the ideas you could do it with. Specializing in some sectors is always good because it is very competitive, and standing out in some field will open many doors for you when starting your business.

If you want to know more about how to start at home, train with an MBA in Digital Business. A unique and innovative program designed to help those who are starting or want to do it. We will wait for you!

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