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This article will mainly address to your very two important fantasy football-related questions:

  • When was fantasy football invented?
  • How should I start fantasy football?
  • But first off, for those who are new to this word or term, I will give a quick introduction about what fantasy football is:

What is a fantasy game?

You might have heard the word roto or rotisserie sport, yes exactly, that is what a fantasy sport is. Any game that will enable you to play a virtual game is a fantasy sport. While playing a fantasy sport, the viewers pretend as the general manager and field manager of their respective teams and make a lineup. The two most famous and playing fantasy games in the US are fantasy baseball and fantasy football.

And here comes your actual question for the day, ‘When was fantasy football invented?’

The answer to the question comes down to this, ‘1962″. Yes, that is right; fantasy football was invented in 1962. But for those who crave details and depth, this article is all you need. Dive in!
Bill Winkenbach was hanging out with some of his friends in the New York City hotel. Bill Winkenbech was back then the owner of the Oakland Raiders football team. Together they decided to create the first fantasy football league which was named Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League, short-termed as GOPPPL. At the beginning of this fantasy football league, things were kept quiet simple. An NFL and an American football league were made in 1970.

The real game was started with NFL season the first week, and is normally credited in the following way:

  • For rushing and receiving touchdowns: 6 points
  • For passing touchdowns: 4 points
  • For every 25-yards passing” 1 point
  • For each 10 yards rushing: 1 point
  • For conversion of any two-point: 2 points
  • For a field-goal: 3 points
  • For extra-point: 1 point

It can depend on leagues how the points vary.

In a football league session, the first week is utilized to assign each team with a schedule of regular-season that includes head-to-head games for each week. The winning team is selected by the fantasy points its team players have collected over one week.  The teams will then qualify for the playoffs at the beginning of week 14 which is the end of the regular season. The top records teams are selected to be given the byes of 1st round and then combine the remaining 4 teams into pairs of two and given a right to enter the finals in week 15.

Two of those teams step into the fantasy championship in week 16 and the winner is awarded the title of being the Crowned-League Champion. It is most common and widely accepted that the league ends at the end of week 16; usually, the championship is not extended to week 17.

However, the scoring system for fantasy football has been changed in a lot of ways since 1962. For example, many leagues have added one more point per-reception.

Good news for those who are searching up “fantasy football”: There a lot of fantasy football leagues that are developed based on college football or better, Canadian Football League.

Hey, I know what you have been eagerly searching and need an answer for. Well, you are in the right place. It is time for your answer:


How should I start fantasy football?

If you want to start your football fantasy league, there are a few steps you can make sure you are ready to begin. Here are those necessary steps:

Find your friends, family members, and colleagues who want to join the league, talk to them, and make sure they understand the rules and are interested. Scheduling the league can be one hectic job while managing it. Advice: hire someone else to schedule it.

  • Find people online who might be interested in joining your league
  • Promote your league on social media
  • Promoting your fantasy football league through pamphlets or newsletter
  • Keep the division of people in your teams even
  • Play creative! Give your league a name and let each owner give his/her team a name. (This will be one fun job)
  • Select a date for your fantasy football draft that is when you pick out the players
  • Agree on a good and payable amount of entry fee
  • Determine your set of scoring rules and mark them as final

Start playing football, with your schedule and rules! Whoa.

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